Reflective Video #2

21 AUGUST 2015

Today, I spent all day working on my publication, I found that its very complicated to used InDesign because this is my first time using this. For, example, how to layout picture nicely and how to arrange the page correctly, the reason why I found this quite difficult because I edits picture in photoshop first before put it in indesign, its like I work twice and when I finished layout, its show the error because some of the files were missing, so I have to edits everything again. This took me very long time to fix everything and I found that I should never leave things until last minute because it might took me longer than this and can effect the submission time. At the end I manage to finish my publication on time and send the file to print. Now I have more time to continue doing my sketchbook work, updating my information files, making reflection video for the submission on Monday. Also, in the weekend I can improve some part of my work to make it more stronger and clearer to the audience. I found this course very challenging for me but I still can overcome with it, and now I'm ready for my BA course in the future. 

20 AUGUST 2015

Today, I making another display for the photoshoot,out of wood and I used wool to stretch around the frame to create a hold and put the samples in the middle. I'm going to put the picture in my publication to show that its a different ways of displaying my samples.I found the outcome also quite interesting because of the texture and and the color were contrast, its make the samples have more impact. After that, I started making a publication, I found its very hard to used InDesign but I manage to used it to make my publication, I follow my publication from the mock up, and its work quite good when I put the picture and layout differently. Also, I found some part that need to edit more to make the publication have more quality and make the reader to understanding from the starting point of the project. I need to do more photograph of my samples to add into my publication because if I put the picture what I have now, its will make the publication look very repetition and boring. 

Action Plan:

  • Take more photograph of drawing, samples.
  • Finish publication 

19 AUGUST 2015

Today, I continue making a frame for my outcome, it's took me quite a long time to finished because I used wood and I have to measure my samples to match with the wood piece and also I not really confident to uses the machine by my own. I create a wood rack which is look very simple, the reason why I make it simple because to make my textile samples that I did look more stand out, I don't want the rack to be really attractive so, I manage to come up with simple ideas on the displaying. I used the wire to hang my textile piece with the wood because I have try to used other material and I found it doesn't work very well. I tried using yarn, its look messy and not strong enough to hold the weigh of the piece. I end up using wire and make its in a hook shape, easily to take the samples in and out. So, today I manage to finished my final piece and I need to think about the photoshoot for tomorrow, making a plan the what do I need to photoshoot to put in my publication. 

Action Plan:

  • Doing publication and prepare for printing on Friday
  • Working on the sketchbook, adding all the process of working 
  • Updating information file, Bibliography 

18 AUGUST 2015

Today, I continue making my final piece, I using different technique on each plastic. I went to plaster workshop and working with it, as I put toys and candy inside the plaster its give interesting effect on top, also give a feeling like a sculpture but the plaster doesn't stay on the plastic so, I try to glue underneath and its work. Moreover, I using knitting technique and combing material together, it turn out really good and the color were contrasting, its give the feeling of touchable on those piece of samples, I have talk to my tutor about the knitting piece and he suggest me to add some of the threads and fabric in to it, to make the piece more stand out. I manage to finished all my samples today and I have complete it. From now I have to considering on the display piece, I did some sketching which I'm going to uses it as my idea, but I wanted to keep it quite clean to make all the samples look more stunning. I plan to finish the frame by tomorrow and started working on photograph to put in the  publication. 

17 AUGUST 2015

Today, I start doing my final piece from cut out a piece of plastic in a same size in 25 sheet for creating samples on top of it. I uses toys and candy to be part of my final because its related to what I have experiment with previously. I thinking of using different technique that I have experiment before to make those samples. Also, I need to make a frame to display my collections of samples, I thinking of using plaster as a base and build the hanging piece up from the plaster, and hang the sample within that frame. I quite worry about the time management because I also have to create another display for the publication and do a photograph of the sample to rearrange in the publication. I need to think about the time wisely and try working faster to get things done on time. 

Action Plan:

  • Finish the samples for final piece by tomorrow 
  • Start creating the things to display by Wednesday 
  • Redo the photograph of the samples to put in the publication

14 AUGUST 2015

Today, I get to experiment by using knitting technique to combine with various material that related to my themes. I found it quite interesting to combine between technique and material together because its give a nice texture and the color work well together as well. I think that I might take those technique and develop in my final piece and create them in a collections by using the similar material to link the collection together. For my final piece I plan to making the things that can displaying my samples. I also get to talk with my tutor about my final idea, he suggest me with many different way of presenting my collection, For example, use the material that related to the topic to create a presenting display. Moreover, uses the technique that experiment with, e.g. I working with plaster and I might create a box out of plaster for displaying my samples. 

Action Plan:

  • Sketching the displaying idea in a different way of presenting
  • Deciding about material to work with and get it during the weekend 
  • Start doing, layout,photograph  publication 

13 AUGUST 2015

Today I get to experiment with yarn mostly, I did some knitting technique, this took me quite long because of the machine, some needle was broken, its effect the knitting itself. I also experiment that response the artist, Anton Alvare, he is the designer that used wrapping technique to wrap furniture and he uses a variety of colors and styles of thread, I take the idea of wrapping and experiment within my project. I chose to wrap with different kinds of toy, it turn out in an interesting way but I found its quite challenging to wrap because of the shape of toys not all equal, and this took me a while to finished it. I like what I experimenting with today, its give the idea of three dimensional and ready-made as well, I might try to work on this technique but thinking more about material to work with and color scheme. Also, I need to thinking about final piece and make the action for next week to start making.

12 AUGUST 2015

Today, I get to work on my sketchbook, add all the process of my experiment that I did yesterday. Also, sketching the idea that can develop to the final idea. I have draw and try to link to the experiment that I did, material that I want to work with, also the technique that i'm going to use for my final outcome. Moreover, everything need to link to my theme and represent it though the outcome. I've do some research that can inspired me of the idea about the displaying for my samples, I found it very useful and inspired me a lot. I get some idea that I could experiment and explore for tomorrow and thinking more carefully about final idea. 

Action Plan:

  • DO more research to support the idea developing
  • DO more sketching to get the idea of final outcome
  • Consider more about material for making the final outcome 

11 AUGUST 2015

Today, I did some experiment in plaster workshop, I never work with plaster before, I've created a sculpture out of plaster and add some of the candy/sweet into it. I found this very interesting because of the texture and shape. But the process took time to finish. I like the effect of the plaster when combining with the fabric, its hold the shape very well. I need to considering more on colour because plaster was white/cream but my project was colorful. So, if I want to work with this technique I might need to think about the color scheme. Also, I get to talk with the tutor today, he suggest me to look at some certain artist to get the idea and develop it into my personal project. He asked me to think more variety about material. For example, working with cosmetic, jewelry, clothing and etc. I found those idea really helpful for me and I think I'll take the idea to develop further to make the project more interesting.

10 AUGUST 2015

Today, I have a peer assessment crit, I found it useful because I get to share the idea of my work with my partner in different subject area. For example, how they layout the sketchbook, what experiment and technique that they did, what is the concept behind, and etc. The part that I will take to develop my work will be add some artist reference that related to my work to show that my experiment respond to this artist. Another idea was, write more annotation to explain the work more clearly. The things that I think it inspiring for me was how she document all the process of work, it show very clear that where is it came from and the material that she work with. Also, how she relate her work to artist or designer, she respond to it very well and she has show this clear enough in the sketchbook. 

Reflective Video #1

7 AUGUST 2015

Today, we had a lecture about publication for the project. I getting quite stuck of where should I start to put in my publication to send the message and keep it clear to the reader. I get a chance to see some of the work from last year, its kind of get the idea that what should or shouldn't put inside. I get to see a lot of example, some were very good but some were not really. After that I kind of know already that what should I started to work with. I did some sketch my idea of the front page,and I come up with different idea that can represent my theme. I started to experiment in 3D workshop and tried to make something that can display my collection, I come up with a wood rack and drill a hold into it to display a lollypop.After that, I discuss with my tutors and have a lot of suggestion. For example, add the text instead of candy in to the stick to represent the titles more. I found today activities quite interesting and challenging for me, but to know how to create a publication to present my own work was very exciting. 

Action Plan:

  • Create a mock up publication 
  • Thinking about things to put inside (Text, Picture)

6 AUGUST 2015

Today I've experiment with knitting to explore more about material that I chose to work with in my project. I found that its turn out quite interesting because of the texture and contrast with the color by response to the artist that I've research. I think back of how do I display my collection, what material should I work with, and how to link the idea together. I did another experiment that combining plastic and yarn together, by wrap the piece of plastic by yarn and add some candy, sweet into it. I think the outcome quite interesting because of the colour were contest with the sweet that I add in. Its show more impact between the yarn and the candy and also the texture on top is giving three dimensional feeling. I think I still need to experiment more on material and thinking about final outcome to decide and develop further. 

Action Plan:

  • Experiment with various material, decide what should take to develop further. 
  • Thinking about the final outcome. 
  • Do more research to support the idea.

3 AUGUST 2015

Today I have a process tutorial, I found that was quite useful for me because I started to getting stuck of how should I develop my experiment further. I get some of the suggestion that I might considering use for my project. Also, she asked me to do more research to make the project stronger and concentrate on material research and think about combining materials more carefully. Consider colour and my own made fabrics together much more carefully e.g. Melted forms/ objects with my own knitted piece. Also, I have to rethink about my concept to make it more conceptual. Moreover, I need to write the annotation on my sketchbook of things that I've already done to tell more about my work. To improved by annotation to show development, visuals to show object from beginning to end and photography on location/ visualization. 

After the tutorial, my action plan is rethinking about the concept behind my project. Considering about material and technique to experiment with and to explore new stuff. Try to push things further, in the sketchbook, sampling. Add more research and write about it more depth. 

Sustainability Reflection

For this project I focus on using found object to be part of my material and experimenting with it. Some of my samples were come from toys in the charity shop and I started to build something interesting out of it. I found that it quite challenging to work with recycling because I need to considering of how do I working with those items, and what process is suitable for those material. I'm using 2nd hand toys and some of the plastic left over from my last project.

I focus on how to creating something out of collection and turn into something else, the idea of destroying the collection as well. I have done some experiment that quite satisfied for me and I thing I might take those ideas to develop into final outcome. For example, I might create a collection out of 2hand stuff, and thinking about how to display, showcase of the collection.

 In this project I didn’t focus on things that low impact manufacturing processes because I thinking of using found object and keep it as a collection. Also, after I visited CSM material collection in the library I think that I should collect things that natural base or found object, the items that I used in my everyday life and experiment with it to make this project more sustainability.

Sustainable material is not necessary need to be material from natural, it can be something that re-cycle or reused it to make those items more useful and productive in a creative ways. For example, I choose to work with toys box that left over and started to melt it together to create sample to support my idea. Moreover, the cost of sustainable material for me was lower that non-sustainable because I chose to work with found, 2hand or things that I already have. So, it doesn’t cost me a lot compare to new material.

The benefits of using locally sourced material was, to understanding things in locally that we live in and also, to know where is the material came from, how to work and comprehend those item. The distribution way of seeing is to help local economy to grown. 

Sometime, re-used or re-cycle stuff can be very long last, depending of how people use it and how did they re-make. It’s a good idea of redo things out of stuff that people not using anymore and create an interesting usable item out of it. I think that combining material is also can be interesting because every stuff has it own ways of using, but if we combine material together to make it more useful.

In the future, I think people might consider more on using sustainable material to create things, because we getting to have more pollution and people might think of how to reused, reduce or even re-cycle material to build things up. In the designs part I think it can be easily adapted into sustainable material because people can consider about the material first before turn into something else.

31 JULY 2015

Today I've working on my sketchbook, adding sampling that I've made, add all the process of my experimenting as well. I was thinking about layout on my sketchbook because I wanted to make it clear that what is the message that I want to say through sketchbook. Also, get to talk with there tutors both the direction and suggestion about my project. She have told me that keep experimenting with varies material and technique. I found it's very useful for me because I getting quite confused of how to link my experiment together to create a collection and about final idea. 

30 JULY 2015

Today, I've experiment with different material, but still working with the same technique, melting. I choose to work with candy, and I really like the effect of candy when its melt. I try to change the idea of collecting a collection into destroy collection, and change a way of display those item into many different ways. I play around with material and did some of the sketching to develop my idea. I found working with new material are interesting, it's like we taking a risk because we wouldn't know what the outcome will be. For the next step, I think I will still explore with new material and try working and experimenting with those objects, but still have to represent my theme. I might get an interesting or not successful outcome, for me to document it and develop further.

Also, we have a group critical which I can see everyone work to inspire me and develop those idea into my own sketchbook, I found everyone work really interesting for me because we have a different titles, so we all work differently, and presenting in different way as well. When I see other people work, it make me think of how do I layout my sketchbook, how to link the idea together, how do I explain my own project through sketchbook for others people to understand about my project. I found this very useful for me, to help me considering and focus more about presenting my own work.

29 JULY 2015

Visited CSM library to see the material collections to use in our own project. We looked at sustainability material and to reconsider about the project form an ethical, ecological point of view. I think that this were quite useful for my project because I mostly focus on found objects and turn into my own collection. I also looked at different material and found a lots of interesting stuff, For example, I found one of the plastic, that has been developed around a fruit based formula, based on corn, potato or tapioca. This is interesting for me because I've experiment a lot with plastic and I don't like the smell itself and also not good for me to smell the plastic. This material might help me to getaway from that problem because the plastic made from natural based. So, I think it is a good idea for me to work with sustainability material, also to try working differently.

28 JULY 2015

Today, I get to experiment and explore with different material. I bought many different type of toys that look very similar to experiment with, I started working with plastic and tried to melt it, I found this technique interesting because of the effect after the object getting melt. Also, its give an interesting texture and surface. I take the idea of turn the collections into new things by using different ways of doing it. I choose to destroy the collections because rarely people will do this kind of things because those items were valuable for them, thats why I take this idea to develop in my personal project. Moreover, I get to talk with my tutors again and he suggest many different material and technique for me to work with. For example, I can work with candy, soap, make up and things that represent repetitions. Also, some of the basic objects that I always used and in my everyday life, toothbrush, cloths, shoes and etc. to invest new object. Furthermore, the idea of hidden things inside and make people destroy the objects outside.  I found today tutorial very helpful for me because I can play with different materials which I never though of it before.

Action Plan

  • Considering about material for experimenting with
  • Do more research deeper to make the idea stronger 
  • Updating sketchbook work (try to do more drawing and add more ideas)

27 JULY 2015

Today, I continued doing my personal project and add things into my sketchbook to put all the process of working into it. I also get to talk with my tutors, I found this very helpful for me because she suggest many different ideas for me. For example, do more research to make the process and experiment easier and also making another mind map to help me define what it is that I want to investigate in this project, and to help me feel confident to continue doing another steps. I also, do more of sketching to make my idea stronger. Moreover, I have plan for my experiment tomorrow, what material should I work with to creating samples. I think sketching is a good idea to start a new project because you might get something that interesting from the drawing and how to transfer those idea into samples, experiment. This is another way of practice my drawing skills. 

24 JULY 2015

Today, I have talk to my tutors about my project, she suggest me a lots of different things that I can take to develop and experiment with. She also, give me a list of artists for me to research, I found that the artist that she gave me were very relevant to my topic area. I try to do research on that and put those in my information files. In the afternoon activities, we did some drawing workshop which I found it is useful for my drawing skills. The task was the tutors give us one brick and how we'll work with that, by ask everyone to draw something on the board that used brick to be part of it. Another task was, they asked us to draw the words that they shouted out within one minute. Its not necessary to be exactly that word but have to creative way that represent those words. 

23 JULY 2015

Today I have assess to plastic workshop, I starting from get a collection of toys and trying to change a way of display those item in the box. I stated to connect it together by using glue gun and stick those toys in different position. Another one I using the other way of connect it by melt the plastic of the toys itself together, I quite like the effect of melting it give the feeling of connection between the plastic. Moreover, there is a box of toy that left over, I started doing experiment with it creating a new shape by melting those plastic together, I found this quite hard to control because I need to wear glove because I used the heat gun to melt, and this hard to control the shape that I want, but it turn out quite interesting by the texture on top of it. I think I will develop this technique further, and try working with different material that can create an interesting texture. I also, asked a few people to draw things that I set up can collect the drawing from them to keep as a collection, I might develop those drawing by turn into something else. For example, creating a pattern out of those drawing, and etc. 

22 JULY 2015

Today I do more research on the material that I'm going to work with tomorrow, I thinking of collecting a toys and try to work with it. Change a way of displaying those toy, maybe use the technique of melting, add things into it, or etc. It's an idea of experimenting with things that people normally collect it and display in the other ways. Also, I was thinking of turn a collection into new things that people might not think about it before. Textile, can be anything it not necessary to be embroidery, knitting and those stuff. I wanted to make things that more creative and standout in this project.

  • Experimenting with material
  • Using more variety of technique
  • Combing things together (Ready-Made)

21 JULY 2015

Today I get to talk with my tutors about my own work that I'm getting stuck. He suggest me with a lots of different things for me to look at, and give me a lots artist to research. Also, he asked me to consider about technique that I'm going to work with to be more variety and thinking about material, try to work with something new, the outcome might turn into things that can inspire me. After that, I have do more research that he suggested and I found some of the technique that I would like to work with. I try to link between the objects and technique together to create another ways of presenting a collection. I come up with a few idea, create my own collections, destroy or turn into something and presenting in the different way. For this project, I wanted to create things that more standout, things that I never make before and to push myself further as well. 

20 JULY 2015

Today I starting to think about the experiment that I can do, related to my topic. I found this quite tricky because I'm not sure what should I start with. Material and technique that i'm going to work with. I going back to my research and try to link my idea to develop into the experiment. I did some of the survey which might help me by started asking people question. for example, what people in the future might collect from the time we live in? I get the answer which quite interesting. Some people said artwork, candle, paper bag and etc. I was wondering why would they collect those object and might develop the answer from the interview into something that interesting. I found another way of starting my project by doing survey and transfer the answer into a part of my project. 

17 JULY 2015

I get to add more bibliography into my proposal to make the project more stronger and more accurate. This is the starting point of my project I found it very challenge because I get to do everything on my own, started from the brief and also I have to consider every single thing that I plan to do. For example, material and technique that I want to experiment with. How is that like to to topic area and my pathway choice. I still need to do more research to support my idea from the beginning. I planing to visit museum and gallery for my reference in this project. I have to think about how to link my research to develop further and to experiment with. I found its quite tricky to  link the idea and develop into my own work.

16 JULY 2015

Today I started doing proposal for my personal project and look at many artist that can inspired my work. I found that most of the artist that I looked at were interesting because of the technique and material that they used to create they collection. Also, how they layout and display their work in a different space. The challenging part for me was I have to create my own brief and talking my own project, but I still not sure what should I put or what is my idea going to be. This proposal will be useful for me because it will help me to arrange my idea during the project in an organize ways. 

15 JULY 2015

Today I get to work on my personal project, The inspiration came from me and my mom personally like to collect different type of hats, I wondering how we keep it more special that others stuff. I take this idea further by wanting to know that how others peoples collect their things. I am interesting in things that get organized, how people store they special stuff. For example, put them in a box to make those items more special. Some people interest in different things, it might have a special meaning or they like something in those items. People will be value things that being well organized. For example, I might take care my hats more special that other stuff that I have. It is a very sensitive to the items that people collect, some people might not understanding. Overall, I found that this idea very inspired me of this project, I found this topic very interesting that I want to develop further, I will considering about everything in my process until the final piece. I will make the most of my time wisely in the as well.


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